One Feisty Lady

Family Stories

I was always surprised that Marie’s self-image was of a vulnerable, insecure woman. In reality, she was one of the most forward, outspoken, self-confident human beings you would ever meet. Add to that the fact that she had a lot of class and social grace and it becomes abundantly clear why she was so appealing to so many different people. However, her short fuse and propensity not to take anything at face value were almost like trademarks and the source of many family tales.

For example, a couple of years into our marriage, she injured her knee climbing into a hot tub at a party. The next day, the pain was so excruciating she had to go to the emergency room. She was immediately scheduled to undergo optiscoptic surgery.

I was a nervous wreck after they wheeled her away to the operating room. To exasperate the situation further, what I was told would only take twenty or thirty minutes turned into over an hour. The waiting room was too far away. I wanted to be nearby as soon as it was over. I kept pacing back and forth outside the operating corridor.

Eventually, a doctor emerged, removing his mask. He spotted me at once.

“Are you Mr. McAllister?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well,” he said, “I must say that certainly is one feisty woman you’re married to.”

With that I knew there was no question they hadn’t misplaced my wife. The time delay suddenly began making sense.

“I’m glad to know you operated on the right woman,” I smiled.

He just grinned. Nothing else needed to be said.


The Feisty Lady, Marie