My Sister's Wedding

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My sister, Nancy, planned her marriage to Phil Walls (her second, his first) December 30, 1977. She was living in West Palm Beach, as was Mom and Dad. I was in New York.

Shortly before the holidays Dad placed a number of calls to me over a course of several weeks, each time trying to convince me to make a trip to Florida for my sister’s wedding. I was involved in an Off-Broadway play (I believe it was “The Book of Lambert”), which was scheduled to open shortly after the first of the year. I kept explaining to Dad that it was impossible for me to break away so close to an opening and that I just couldn’t see how I could make it. He wouldn’t give up and kept prodding, usually with a question like, “Are you sure you can’t make it?”

Finally, when I spoke to him on Christmas Day, he tried one last time to persuade me to make the blessed event.

“You have to be here,” he said.

“Why is that?” I wanted to know.

“Because you have to give her away.”

“Why do I have to give her away? I’m her brother. You’re her father. It’s your responsibility to give her away.”

“Hell, son," he said, "I done gave her away once… they gave her back!”



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