Surrender the Jealous Mistress

ллллWAITING FOR THE SEQUEL......................, June 17, 2000

Reviewer: Patricia Blash from U.S.

I really enjoyed this book. The honesty and forthrightness in which it is written allowed me to experience the many ups and downs of Mr. McAllister's life and reminded me how vulnerable we all are. Surrender the Jealous Mistress is truly entertaining. It is one of those books that you don't want to end or at least you want a sequel to find out what is happening with the main character in the next chapters of his life.

Through the stories told in this book, I was able to understand the passions that persons involved in theater and other venues of acting share. The many antidotes about well known celebrities told from an insider's point of view were entertaining. I was intrigued by the vanities of some celebs and the humbleness of others.

Thanks for creating a book that is candid and provides immense entertainment. I am waiting for the sequel...............

ллллInteresting and enjoyable you don't want to put it down, August 2, 1999

Reviewer: : June Holland from Riviera Beach, FL  

While reading this book it gave me the insight of what it is like to be an actor. I enjoyed it very much. It showed a love for a father and how far one would go to get his approval. One thing I can say is once I started reading I couldn't put it down. Being from Florida for many years and religion being a big part of my life I only wish I had the pleasure of hearing him read or perform in person. If he is as good as his book it would be a wonderful experience I'm sure.

лллллIt shows the high and lows of acting., July 26, 1999

Reviewer: An Customer

The book tells of how hard it is to get into the acting profession. It tells of all the things you have to give up and how hard it would be to give it up. It tells you of the addiction to the theater and acting through a mans eyes. While centering mostly on his acting he tells only some of his life leading to the decision to be one. He also shows that as a true professional even personal tragedies come second when it is time for the curtain to go up or for the cameras to roll. I enjoyed it very much.